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Tips for Encouraging Positive Sibling Relationships

Encouraging positive sibling relationships can be challenging but yet rewarding. It's challenging when calling for a truce in the midst of a sibling rivalry. Rewarding because once what you instill in them becomes natural it will carry on in how they relate to each other in adulthood. Here are a few tips to encourage positive relationships between siblings:

Coordinate activities they can do together

Find things that your kids both like to do together and start there. Or maybe even come up with some family-fun activities yourself in which you know they can both participate based on their age and abilities. During the activity point out how much they are enjoying doing it together.

Look for opportunities to foster supportive and loving relationships

Having the children working together to solve problem and lending a helping hand to each other will help them to develop a supportive relationship. It works well in having the older sibling lead in working together for tasks such as cleaning up their toys. Having them hug it out when the other is sad or not feeling well is a great ways to foster a loving relationship. Another example that comes to mind is when it's time to look for a lost shoe or favorite toy; you may suggest they ask their brother or sister for help.

Teach them the value of family

Help them to understand when it comes to family we are all we have. There is no one else that can replace what they are to each other. Families love each other unconditionally, stick together, respect and value one another. You can do this by reminding them to apologize when they hurt one another and to have them tell each other how much they love one another on a regular basis. Let them know how blessed they are to have a friend in a brother or sister and that some people are not as fortunate to have such a wonderful thing.

The more you continue to encourage the values you want them to have and discourage the ones you don't, eventually it will stick and they will grow up with a bond that cannot be broken.

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