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Memphis, Vote Yes for Pre-K!

I cannot stress the importance of Pre-K education enough. These readiness programs truly enrich our children in so many ways. It prepares them for the onset of the educational road that awaits them. They get the social and emotional experience they need in order to begin interacting with those outside of their normal circle. They are better prepared for Kindergarten and it makes it so much easier on the teachers as well. Studies have shown that the benefits of Pre-K include that students are more likely to score higher on third-grade readiness, higher attendance rates, less likely to become a teen parent, less likely to engage in risky behavior and is more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. The Pre-K initiative is a ballot referendum proposed by the city council. This would fully fund high quality Pre-K education for more than 4,500 children in Memphis currently left out of the Pre-K system due to a lack of funding. Voting yes will mean a minute increase in taxes but could make a great impact on our city’s early learners. Be sure to VOTE YES!

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