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Can Children From Single Parent Families Still Have Strong Character?

Yes, children from single parent homes can have strong character and values instilled in them. Being a single parent doesn't automatically spell out failure in raising great kids. Look at Oprah Winfrey or Pierce Bronson. These are famous people who were raised by single parents. One thing is for sure, it does help when we purposely set out to try to raise our children with good moral values and encourage them to reach for the stars. Reassuring them that not having a mother or father doesn't mean they have to feel sorry for themselves or be insecure about it. Single parents have to do the best they can and also better themselves in ways that will help provide better lives and opportunities for them and their family. They can also seek out help from family and others that can be trusted with helping to rear and mentor their child. Getting the children involved in extra curricular activities and programs can help tremendously as well. I'm a product of a single parent family myself and know the challenges that both the children and the single parent have to face. I rally behind and celebrate those parents that are doing it by themselves and doing a good job!

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