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Why Should There Be Character Education in Schools?

It’s important children learn skills that teach character in schools because it provides the perfect opportunity for those that are shaping their minds to help them learn good character. It will benefit them immensely in the long run. When we say the long run, we mean in life! The reinforcement of being taught values in the school setting will give kids the opportunity to begin to practice these skills and we all know practice makes perfect! Children also pick up things from watching those in authority as well as their peers. When good examples are being set before them and modeled in a relatable way it spells out a formula for success. Once a standard is set in school for the type of behavior that should be displayed, kids will know what is expected of them and how to do it. It will make life easier for the teachers and administrators alike when there are less behavioral problems as a result. After all, kids spend most of their time in school so it makes the optimal place for them to learn moral values.

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