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Teach Kids To Never Give Up

Never giving up can be easier said than done for sure. We as parents and mentors, I am sure, have met some challenges that required us to dig in deeper and not give up. Teaching children to do the same will build character in the area of perseverance. We need to make sure they know the importance of never giving up if the expected outcome has not happened the first time around. We all know doing nothing begets nothing. Giving up is the easy way out and is a direct road to failure. Anyone can walk that path but it takes substance, might and determination to accomplish something. Children need to know they may not win every battle but to do their best to not have any regrets of not trying at all. This makes me think back to when my son played soccer. Boy, did I have to come up with some locker room speeches on why we don't quit and to keep on trying to reach the goal at hand. Not that I was forcing him to do something because I wanted him to do it but because I saw his potential and how much he loved playing it with family. I encouraged him about never giving up and to keep on going. I love teachable moments! This is just another way to prepare them for success in life.

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