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Did Someone Say, "Role Model"?

A role model is simply a person who models good behavior and positively influences others. Our children are always looking for identifiers such as things, peers and other people they can relate to in life. Whether it be something or someone real or fictional, postitive and negative role models and influencers are everywhere. We can protect and guide children in most things, but one day sooner or later they must grow up and make decisions that will impact their own lives. That’s why we as parents must do all we can to govern our lives appropriately because we are the first as well as the most important role model in their life. Although others and those in their own age group will influence them, we are the ones who are responsible for raising them and our vioce or stance in their lives should provide a solid foundation and direction. In addition, we must always be mindful of how we conduct ourselves in front of them because as actions speak louder than words, actions can also teach and model a behavior that our children will surely reproduce.

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