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Introducing The Character Quest parenting system!

Character Quest is a fun parenting system, game and reward chart all in one. This is one tool you are going to love because it gets results and the kids love feeling proud, capable with opportunities for fun!

This system is a parenting tool that promotes positive, loving interactions, encourages kids to make better choices, accountability, and develops character. It provides the framework most intentional parents desire to help their children grow well and be happy. 


This system it packed full of resources that provide solutions to the parenting struggles we all have experienced. No child is born knowing how to self correct but with time and teaching, you as the parent can feel proud knowing you did your part to contribute to who they will become.  

Success is in a system!

This system is designed to: 

  • Encourage kids to make better choices

  • Manage unwanted behavioral challenges

  • Create opportunities of connectedness

  • Give children the ability to feel capable  

  • Help kids regulate emotions

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