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Character Quest Parenting System

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Product Details

The Character Quest Parenting System is a fun game, behavior and reward chart all in one. This is one tool you are going to love and the kids will too.

It will help you:

  • Encourage kids to make better choices
  • Manage unwanted behavioral challenges
  • Create opportunities of connectedness
  • Provide kids with an opportunity to practice developing positive character traits
  • Give children the ability to feel capable
  • Allow kids to earn things instead of creating entitlement
  • Gives parents a framework for accountability

Besides helping kids to practice building character, this system also works well with helping to motivate kids to follow schedules, take care of personal responsibilities like household chores. It really can be used to help with reinforcing anything! The most important component in this system would be the level of engagement that parents can create for growing strong parent-child relationships that spur on the foundation for healthy social-emotional development.

This system provides a visual for kids to see their accomplishments and taking a pause for when they need to make improvements. Once you infuse this system into your daily routines you'll be glad you did!

Items included: instruction sheet, parenting success strategy videos, game pieces, game board, character challenge cards, parent engagement cards, dry erase marker.

Recommended for kids ages 4-10. Beware of choking hazards of younger kids.

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Disclaimer:  We are a parental advisory resource organization only. Our products and services although helpful and solution focused, are not a replacement for an approved family therapist if there are deeper issues present.

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